Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bags Galore

Back with Bags!

Green Skull Bag!

Item Name: Green Skull
Price : rm39
Army Green Skull

Item Name : Army Green Skull
Price : rm39
Polka Dots

Item Name : Polka Dotsy Bag

Price: rm39

Stripe Up

Item Name : Striped Up
Price : rm39

Orange Love

Best to wear it this summer at the beach! (:
Item Name : Orange Love
Price : rm39

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bikini Bottom

Item Name : Colour Me Bikini
Price : RM49.90

Bikini Bottom

Item Name : Polka Dot Bikini
Price : RM49.90

Bikini Bottom

Item Name : Stripey Bikini
Colours : Turquoise, Black, White
Price : RM49.90

Bikini Bottom

Item Name : Pink Dots Bikini
Price : RM49.90

Pink Poppy Dress

Item Name : Pink Poppy Dress
Price : RM40

p.s// A pink and sweet dress to go out with the girls!

Eden Dress

Item Name : Eden Dress
Price : RM40
p.s// A dress with hints of green here and there!

Evangeline Dress

Item Name : Evangeline Dress
Price : RM40
p.s// Floral Dress always gets the attention. Why not a blue spring dress! (:

Estelle Dress

Item Name : Estelle Dress
Price : RM40
p.s// Its Spring! Why not get yourself a Spring dress for this coming season with our Estelle Dress! The quality for this adorable dress is light, therefore you need not worry about getting fussy over the dress.

Eve Dress

Item Name : Eve Dress
Colours : Red, Turquoise, Blue
Price : RM25
p.s//Great dress to go out to the malls with your girlfriends!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Boo Compact Mirrors

Item Name : Boo Compact Mirrors
Colours : Black and white
Price : RM4.90


Item Name : Monokoru-Boo, Zippers, Smile
Colours :
Monokoru-Boo > Red, Dark Blue, Baby Blue, Silver
Zippers > Yellow, Purple, Black-Red, Grey
Smile > Yellow, Pink, Black, White
Price: RM1.90

X Back

Item Name : X Back
Colours : Yellow, Dark Grey, Light Brown, Lime Green, Baby Pink, Dark Brown, Medium Pink, White, Light Grey, Orange
Price : RM10

Simple Spaghetti

Item Name : Simple Spaghetti
Colours : White, Black, Grey, Baby Blue, Navy Green, Dark Pink, Medium Pink, Baby Pink
Price : RM10

Checkers Love

Item Name : Checkers Love
Colours : Grey, White, Pink
Price : RM39.90

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Belle Jacket

Item Name: Belle Jacket
Colours : Belle Black, Belle White
Size : Free Size
Price : RM42
p.s//Belle Jacket comes with a free top! Belle Black Jacket comes with white top, and Belle White Jacket comes with a black top. Sleeves could be folded up and buttoned, to give it another look! :)

Belinda Top

Item Name : Belinda Top
Colours : Belinda Blue, Belinda Pink, Belinda Yellow
Size : Free Size
Price : RM38

p.s//Cute tops with adjustable and removeable straps!

Beryl Tube Dress

Item Name : Beryl Tube Dress
Colour : Beryl Pink, Beryl Black, Beryl Purple
Size : Free Size
Price : RM 49
p.s//Beryl Tube Dress could be a dress or a top! not only that, it is padded at the chest area. Perfect if you prefer not want to wear a bra with it.. ;)
Status: Beryl Purple Last Piece